About Us

Who are we?

Who we are

Hydro-Flux is based in Yorkshire, England. We are a family-owned business, with three members of the Burnham family (Douglas, David, and Michael) working under one roof. Combined, they have over 80 years of industry experience, and this expertise has been invaluable in the development of the company’s products.

What we stand for

Hydro-Flux Aqua Products Limited was launched in 2017 with one simple mission: to make things easy for pool owners, engineers, and retailers. Too often swimming pool products are difficult to install, maintain, and replace, whilst also being expensive; however, at Hydro-Flux we think there is a better way. With the introduction of FlowBright, our self-generating LED pool light, we are stepping into the future and leading the market by providing products and solutions that will make pool life easier.

Why we are different

At Hydro-Flux we believe that if our products are not good for the pool engineer then they won't be good for the pool owner, which is why the needs of pool engineers have been at the centre of our product development. We also know that some pool owners enjoy installing their own products, which is why we keep our products as user friendly as possible. Not only do our products simplify pool work, but our high-quality customer service will ensure that pool owners, installers, and retailers are provided with the aftersales support they need.

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