FlowBright is an underwater LED pool light that sets a new standard for all pool lighting products. This revolutionary product uses our patented electrical generation system to illuminate your pool without the need for electrical hook-ups, cables, transformers, niches, deck boxes or intricate installations. With its straightforward design, precision-engineered components, and high output, FlowBright will simplify pool installation/maintenance and give you more time than ever before!

No Add-Ons

No Add-Ons Needed

With FlowBright you will never need to buy another niche, deck box, transformer, or cable over again.

No Add-Ons

Super Fast Installation

As FlowBright simply screws into the 1.5" BSP return inlet, it can be install in an average time of 5 minutes.

No Add-Ons

Zero Electrical Costs

As FlowBright uses the energy already being generated by the filtraion system, you will not pay for any extra electrical costs.

No Add-Ons

Green Energy

Becuase FlowBright does not use any need to be connected to the mains power supply, you not only save money, but also the environment.


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Super Fast Install

Plug & Play Installation

Instead of needed to spend hours installing complex niches, cables, transformers, and deck boxes, FlowBright simply attached onto the return flow pipe outlet using one of our adaptors; two different sizes included in every order as standard. Using this simple Screw-In Installations system, connecting FlowBright to your pool is a breeze. When without technical experience, FlowBright can be installed in minutes. All of our standard adaptors come with a 1.5” BSP threading (other adaptors will be available soon).

Three-Year Warranty

Even though we are very confident in all of our Hydro-Flux products, we want to make sure that if anything does happen to your FlowBright you are protected, supported, and supplied with new parts as soon as possible. This is why each FlowBright will come with a three-year warranty as standard.

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Stress-Free Coverage

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Fast to Change

Two Lengths of adaptors

Every order of comes with two different lengths of adaptors: small and large. For standard outlets, the small adaptor (15mm threaded section) will work perfectly; however, for pools with recessed or angled return flow pipe outlets, we have included a larger adaptor (35mm threaded section) that will make the installation smoother.

Removeable adaptor fixing washer

Sometimes, because FlowBright is installed using a threaded adaptor, it may not always be correctly oriented; the directional exhaust port may be at the side instead of being at the bottom. However, don’t worry, because this can be solved very easily with the removable adaptor fixing washing. Simply unscrew the washer, rotate the adaptor to find the preferred exhaust location, then re-attach the washer

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For Perfect Placement

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From Small to Large

Fits Most Pump Sizes

We know that not every pool uses the same size of pump; some may be large, some may be small, and some people may use multi-speed pumps. This is why we have designed FlowBright to be compatible with as many pump sizes as possible. Every FlowBright comes with four Pump-Power settings, each of which will correspond to a different style of filtration pump: ½hp ¾hp 1hp and 1 ½hp. To select the correct setting just remove the adaptor fixing washer, adjust to the correct Pump-Power setting, and re-attach.

Directional Exhaust port

FlowBright will be installed into the return flow pipe outlet, replacing the directional eye-ball fitting. However, we have made sure that FlowBright can replicate the functions of an eye-ball by placing a directional exhaust port at the base.

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To Aid Filtration

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Up to 1500 Lemens

Ultra-Bright LED generating 1500 lumens

Each FlowBright is installed with 120 Ultra-Bright energy-efficient LEDs that can generate 1500 lumens. Moreover, we have made sure that even if one of the LEDs breaks the rest of them will still perform perfectly.

Made in Britain

At Hydro-Flux we are committed to supporting British manufacturing, that is why all of our products are designed, manufactured, and assembled in Britain.


How It Works

FlowBright requires no complex installation, expensive additional equipment, or extra electrical installation costs. Simply remove the eyeball fitting and screw this light into the return inlet and the installation is complete. FlowBright will then use water returning from the filtration system to power its electrical needs, uniquely utilizing the pressure drop, providing you with up to 1500 lumens of radiant light.

Because of this self-generating process, FlowBright is probably the most environmentally friendly light on the market and contributes zero carbon emissions during its operational lifetime.

In addition to these benefits, FlowBright is much safer than traditional lights on the market because there are no electrical connections or live cables required. This means that our light will protect your time, profit, customers, and the environment!

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